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Virtual Linux CD''s

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Category: Other Cd Based Linux Distrobutions

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  Demo Linux 3.0 
Description: Demo Linux does work VERY well and allows you to view an operating system like Linux and see some of the difference in Linux Distros. Demo Linux is based on the Debian version of Linux.
Version: Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 18-Jul-2002 Downloads: 473
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  Suse Live-Eval 8.0  Popular
Description: This is the SUSE version of a CD-based distro. Very good..... it to is plagued with some bugs...... but all in all it to allows you to view the latest SUSE distro without actually installing an operating system. Just download the ISO and burn to a cdr as an IMAGE ... boot from cd rom and it installs in your ram......of your computer.....not the hard drive. Also included in Live-Eval 8.0 is KDE3.0 desktop enviroment.....very nice!
Version: 8.0 Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 18-Jul-2002 Downloads: 613
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