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Virtual Linux CD''s

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Current Version: Virtual-Linux 1.1

Virtual Linux is basically the Mandrake Linux operating system, modified to run directly from your cd rom drive. It can be run with or without a hard drive. This is great for showing people the power and flexibility of Linux. You can put the cd in your cd rom drive and reboot....and you will soon have a powerful Linux system at your disposal...all without the hassles of loading new software or repartioning your hard drive or any of that technical stuff.
Read more about Virtual-Linux 1.1 ................click here.........


Virtual-LinuxVirtual Linux 1.2 on Hold
Posted by crixz on (928 Reads)
VL 1.2 will be delayed , i will probably wait for
Mandrake to release 9.0

There are many reasons for this delay:...........

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VL DevelopmentHow I became involved in the Virtual-Linux Project
Posted by IowaWebmaster on (375 Reads)
Here is a little history of how I got involved in the Virtual Linux project..... if anyone cares .............

If not I guess you can just skip the rest of this post...... otherwise here goes........

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Virtual-LinuxOffical Request for Screenshots and Articles
Posted by DAVE on (743 Reads)
Okay.......since I am the webmaster for the site...... I first of all would like to welcome you to the site. I would also encourage you to sign up and to send to me screenshots or stories/comments for virtual-linux 1.1

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Linux Related WebsitesLinux-Tips.net Command Line Commands
Posted by IowaWebmaster on (820 Reads)
Originally written (by me) for Linux-Tips.net ....... I decided to repost it here for reference.

Here are some basic Linux commands. Some are well known and some aren't. I am not a Linux
Wizard...far from it...but I am learning some basic linux commands and thought I would share some with other newbies so they to can get more familiar with the terminal command line.

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Mandrake LinuxNew Look for Virtual-Linux.org
Posted by DAVE on (284 Reads)

This is just a short note to let everyone know that the new design for Virtual-Linux is now well under way and I hope you like it so far.... just fine tuning it and working on a few things still...... but hopefully everyone likes it better :)


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Internet/web site and mail: Mandrake - excellent stability, reliability and ease

Araxe uses Mandrake as a development server

IT consultancy uses Mandrake for customers as well as in house

DHCP and File Sync to/from Novell Servers via NCPFS, IPXUTILS, NCPFS

Technical Consultant from CSC Company recommends Mandrake
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Red Hat Linux 8.0 has been Released

Multi-Booting Windows 98, Linux, and Solaris

PHP 4.2.2 Released: Security Update

New Redhat Beta Released

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial - A Beginner's handbook.

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